Two and half year boy Rapi from Indonesia -chain smoker getting viral on social media.

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Toddler chain smoker.

Rapi Ananda Pamungkas’ dirty habit started when he was just two months old after picking up used butts outside his mum’s market stall in hill station Sukabumi (Indonesia).
Moreover, the 2 and half year old got addicted to nicotine and he started harassing passing shoppers to give him cigarettes and he puffs upto 40 cigarettes a day.

The elder boys initially found the youngster’s demands appealing and manipulated him with fags while laughing as he lit up.

But Rap (nickname) – soon started becoming aggressive and flare-up when he couldn’t get ”meroko”, the local term for cigarettes.The boy’s mother Maryati-35 yrs old admitted that she now has to buy two packs of cigarettes every day for the boy to stop him from going ”beserk”(mad). His father Misbahudin said his son like to have a cup of coffee while smoking.

The parents said they will take their son to see a doctor to overcome his smoking habit.

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