Tesla accused of using flawed batteries

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A former Tesla emplyee, Martin Tripp, is being sued by the comany for hacking the company’s os and sent large amounts of company’s data to outsiders. Tesla have sued Tripp in June for $1 Million.
Martin Tripp, has posted a series of tweets accusing the company’s wrongdoing of batteries. Firsty, Tripp tweeted that damaged battery modules were reworked and then used in Model 3 cars. Secondly, Tripp tweeted a lists of Tesla vehicle identification numbers in which he alleges have punctured, dented, or gamaged batteries in them. Finally, Tripp tweeted pictures of trailers that shows Tesla uses to store scrap and waste products instead of storing them in climate-controlled warehouses as Tesla says it does.

After Tripps’s tweets, a Tesla spokesperson told Engadget:
“As we’ve said before, these claims are false and Mr. Tripp does not even have personal knowledge about the safety claims that he is making. No punctured cells have ever been used in any Model 3 vehicles in any way, and all VINs that have been identified have safe batteries. Notably, there have been zero battery safety issues in any Model 3.”

“He is nothing of the sort,” the company wrote. “He is someone who stole Tesla data through highly pernicious means and transferred that data to unknown amounts of third parties, all while making easily disprovable claims about the company in order to try to harm it.”
CEO Elon Musk tweeted that Tripp is one of 40 other “bad apples” who have committed “sabotage” against the company in an apparent effort to thwart Tesla’s ambitious promised ramp-up to producing 5000 Model 3s per week.
Tripp, who had still not secured an attorney, declined to respond to Tesla’s affirmation. “Unfortunately I cannot comment at this time,” he told Ars. “I’ll stand by my previous comments.”

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