Remove Police Just for 24 hours: Hardik Patel

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Hardik Patel, from the Greenwood-based residence, said that if the government allows its supporters to fast and join the movement, then supporters will be seen everywhere even on the branches of the trees. Police detaining the people for coming to the movement. If the police had worked in the true sense for alcohol, than one droplet of alcohol could not come in Gujarat.

Hardik said that the state government should accept the demand. He warned that our fight will not stop until we get the justice. In the meanwhile, more than 100 Patidars in Jakhora village adopted by MP Paresh Rawal endorsed Hardik Patel’s movement by fasting one day. Patidars now have prepared a strategy to make the movement ambitious by fasting in villages.

Congress moves in the Governor- Human Rights commission

“Amarnath”(fast unto death) permission is not granted for fasting. Not only this, the Congress legislators explained to the State Human Rights Commission that the police is harassing the Patidars.Paresh Dhanani LOP of the Legislative Assembly including other MLAs submitted a memorandum to the governor and submitted the application on the farmers’ issue. In the late evening, 28 Congress MLAs reached the fasting camp to meet Hardik Patel. Congress MLAs supported the movement of Hardik Patel.

LJD MLA Kapil Patil met with Hardik Patel.

The reservation movement is slowly taking up the political form. Former Trinamool Congress MP Dinesh Trivedi ( Former Railway minister), along with four MPs from Trinamool, met Hardik as the representative of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee yesterday. Today Kapil Patil LJD MLA attacked the BJP government by saying that the BJP hates Gandhi ideology.

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