Petrol 100Rs Per Litre in Surat.

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Thursday, 22 August. It might be 76-77rs per Litre  price of petrol in filling station. But it will make you shock that in area like Dumas has No petrol or diesel filling station. Although when Surati’s that spend their time on weekends in Dumas they have to buy petrol incase of emergency from retail store.

Dumas localities on this issue. 

While interacting with localities of dumas some of them stated that there is no filling station near by due to Airport as it is Close to the Dumas.  The next filling station from the dumas is on approximately 10Km. So incase of emergency they have no choice rather than to buy petrol from Retail shops which cost them 100rs per Litre.

Conversation with the retailer. 

While asking them the reason behind high rates of this petrol and selling petrol on road in the plastic bottles, they answered that there is no alternative option for the localities and sometimes the people who comes to visit Dumas also had to buy petrol from them.

Is it legal to sell petrol in plastic bottles?


Oil company has already instructed to all the filling Station that not to sell or give fuel in plastics bottles. So that’s the question how much the rules are been followed by the filling station? But here they are re-selling from the plastic bottle itself.


While at the end of the topic only the thought comes in the mind that Is this a Gujarat Model? & Who will be the responsible for the misuse of the fuel

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