Global warming a threat to mankind- Tsunamis will be more common and ferocious warned by scientists

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Tsunamis will become more common and more savagely fierce with global warming, scientists gave warning after a study found that global sea level rises will increase the risk of coastal cities being expunged.

‘The collision of tsunamis is based on sea level increases’, was configured by a new Science Advances study.
Researchers were focusing one the city of Macau in China, as the Coastal cities will be in danger due to Tsunami as a result of smaller earthquakes in the future.

Tsunamis are one of the deadliest natural disasters  – and experts say they could get even worse.

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The source stated that rising sea levels allowed tsunamis to reach much further inland, significantly increasing the risk of floods.This means small tsunamis that might not be deadly today could cause depredation in the future.

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