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Facts About “The Lord Ram”.

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The Bow of Lord Ram.

The god architect Vishwakarma made two powerful bows one Sharang & Pinaka,Sharang was gifted to lord ram and Pinaka was gifted to Lord Shiva. Sharang was used to kill strong and powerful warriors like Kumbhakarna and Ravana. Lord Krishna used Sharang to fight with evils during the Durga yuga.

Why Is Lord Ram also called as Ramchandra ?

King Dasharatha was the father of Lord Ram after a long wait the born of the first child was in the King’s family, so he was very near and close to King’s heart so they called “Chand Sa beta”(Moon like son)  in Hindi or “Chandra” in Sanskrit. Lord Rama was born on “Chaitra” Month of Indian calendar in Suda 9 called as even Ramanavmi, which is the 9th day of the Indian month Chaitra. From birth, Lord Ram face was as bright as the Chandra (Moon) on Purnima (the full-moon day). So that made Lord Ram Also called as Rama+chandra=RamChandra.

Lord Ram used most Destructive weapon twice.


[Photo Credit: wikimedia].

Brahmastra is one the most destructive weapon in the Hindu mythology.  Lord Ram used weapon twice one against Jayanta (Crow who hurts Sita) and the other against Mareecha (Deer who helped Ravana to kidnap Sita.)

The Elder sister of Lord Ram.

We all know that King Dasharatha had Four sons along with Lord Ram three brothers, namely Lakshman, Bharata, and Shatrughana. But among all the four brothers the elder sister was Shanta, given to King Rompad (King of Angdesh)  and Vershini in adoption. She becomes Princess of the Angdesh also. She was educated in Vedas, Arts & crafts and considered as very beautiful. Shanta was married to Rishyasringa, Shanta and Rishyasrinya are Sengar Rajputs and the descendants of the Shanta and Rishyasringa are called as Rishivanshi Rajput.

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