Compulsion of two theory exam for becoming Umpire – Conducted by BCCI


Now, the BCCI conducted the Umpires Level – 2 Theory Examination in two batches in June and August this year. All candidates who appeared in both batches were given more than a month’s notice through their respective Associations to provide them enough time for preparation so that they can qualify it.

In India, to become a qualified umpire with BCCI, you have to come through your state associations. Each of the state associations have their own umpire developent programmes. So, the first step is to get qualified with your state association. Based on the growth structure in the respective state associations which define eligibility criteria to take BCCI program.

The workshop got a positive response wherein a total of ninety two umpires and fifty seven match referees attended the workshop in Bengaluru(Karnataka), Gathering an experience in the process.

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