Apple Server hacked by a 16 year old Apple Fan

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An Australian teenager -apple fan,hacked Apple’s secure computer network and now he is facing criminal charges.

The Apple fan had download roughly 90GB in corporate documents and also accessed customer accounts.The files were stored in a folder on his laptop labelled ‘hacky hack hack’. According to the report given by Apple to the press,the company assured its customers that no personal data was compromised in the hack, though it is still unclear what kind of data the teen stole

The boy’s lawyer explained to a Children’s Court on Thursday that the teen did it all “because he was such a fan” of Apple, according to the source. And also he ‘dreamed of’ working with the Apple.

Apple approached the FBI after noticing the attacks were happening.The FBI then passed on the allegations to the Australian Federal Police (AFP). The AFP carried out a search on the teen’s home last year and seized two Apple laptops, a mobile phone and a hard drive, which all matched the serial numbers and IP addresses that had encroached into the organisation.

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